New Beaded Italian Spinone Pin on Etsy!

There is a new doggie pin available for sale in my Etsy shop – a Spinone Italiano!

brown beaded spinone italiano dog pin pendant etsy beadwork beads jewelry custom

I had not heard of this rare breed until one of my Twitter friends suggested I make one, so here it is! This piece was created by stitching tiny size 15 glass seed beads to felt 2-3 at a time. I used 7 different colors for the first layer of beadwork. Then, using brown thread, I layered clear-glass beaded fringe over top of the other beads to create the dog’s furry legs & ears..

beaded italian spinone rare dog jewelry necklace pendant bead embroidery etsy beads

 I am really proud of how it turned out! It looks great as a pin, but it can also be worn as a pendant. Please click the pics to view the listing on Etsy. What kind of dog should I bead next? :D

8 responses to “New Beaded Italian Spinone Pin on Etsy!

  1. Of all of your doggies, the Italian Spimone is my #1 favorite, although I love the pug too. A kit of the IS would be so cool.

  2. How about a pug? Seems any dog would need a full set of tricks to bead. This is incredible work!

  3. SO CUTE! You sure are a better beader than I am!

  4. Maria Benevides

    How about the affinpinscher, Best In Show at Westminster Dog Show !!!! His name was Bannana Joe

  5. Terri Patterson

    Design an American Eskimo dog!! :-)