New Purple Beaded Dalmatian Pin!

Just a quick post today to announce a new item in my Etsy shop – a purple beaded Dalmatian pin!

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This piece was created by stitching tiny glass seed beads to felt (2-3 beads at a time) using a strong nylon thread. Beads are layered to make her legs & face look dimensional, and her ear actually moves! Several different shades of purple & white seed beads were used, as well as a tiny glass eye for her nose. It measures 2.25″ wide x 1.5″ tall (5.5cm x 3.5cm). This pin can also be created in black & white or brown & white. Please click the pic for more details. What kind of dog should I bead next? :)

2 responses to “New Purple Beaded Dalmatian Pin!

  1. Shantel Shalash

    Dog collars should be made from natural leather because it is more comfortable to wear for a dog compared to synthetic fibers. ‘.*”

    Many thanks

  2. Great. Well done! I love it.