Felt Taxi Cabs

Felt NYC taxi cabs bead embroidery fiber art cars

Yesterday, I cut out some felt taxi cabs for my beaded Radio City Music Hall painting. To do this, I printed out my sketch and used it as a template. I cut out 6 layers of felt for the smallest taxi, and 8 layers of felt for the larger one. Then, I stitched them all together. These will be felt foundations for my bead embroidery. The larger one is over 12″ in length, and believe it or not, I plan to make at least 2 more taxis that are even larger! :O

Felt taxi cabs NYC fiber art cars bead embroidery painting

Felt NYC taxi cabs.

Guess I’m going to need a lot of yellow seed beads! :O

4 responses to “Felt Taxi Cabs

  1. So interesting to see your design and process for your beading..layers of felt?? hmmmmmm

    • Yes, this is a little different from how I usually attempt a beaded car. I want these to look much like my sketch – speeding and not very detailed – so I really just need a foundation to bead on that will add some dimension to the finished piece. Thanks for your interest! :)

  2. This is very interesting design. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  3. Really awesome article. Loved the taxi embroidery…. ;)

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