>Floating Amber Beads


Today, I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog to show you a gift that my father sent me. It’s a Russian amber beaded necklace that he found at the Tucson Gem Show! Amber is considered to be a gemstone or semi-precious stone, but in fact, it is not a stone at all. It is fossilized tree resin from ancient forests.  

Russian amber baltic salt water test beads floats

I have never owned any amber before, so I wanted to test it and make sure that mine was real. After doing a little research, I learned that amber is buoyant in salt water, which is why it washes up on the beaches of the Baltic Sea after a storm. So, in a sauce pan, I mixed 2.5 tablespoons salt per 1 cup hot water. After the salt dissolved and the water cooled, I placed my necklace in the pan. Sure enough, it floated to the top! This is a great way to see if the amber you have purchased is real or not. Plastic or any other imitation amber will sink to the bottom.. Next, I want to find a piece of amber with an insect or spider trapped inside! :O

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  1. >And, I went to Tucson for 2 weeks in February. Beautiful part of the country! Can't wait to go back! :D

  2. >There is a photo, I'm sorry you cannot see it! :/

  3. >I live in Tucson and go to the Gem Show often. If there was a picture of your Amber beads I didn't see it (you said, "I wanted to show you"). Enjoy your new beads!!