>Beading a Bedlington Terrier


I hope everyone had a great Presidents Day weekend! I spent much of it watching the Winter Olympics and working on a new item for my Etsy shop. A few weeks ago, I was in Harvard Square, and met the cutest Bedlington Terriers! What sweet dogs! They look almost like little lambs and they have very soft hair!! I really loved these dogs, so I was inspired to make one as a pin/pendant!

beaded Bedlington Terrier bead embroidery artist Boston etsy pin pendant beading blog

Above, you can see how this piece began. After I sketched out my image, I cut out several layers of felt & stitched them together. Then, I stitched on a tiny glass taxidermy eye to use as a nose. Then, I used 6 different shades of gray, white, and black seed beads to bead my pin.

beaded Bedlington Terrier bead embroidery artist Boston etsy pin pendant beading blog

I used a combination of beaded backstitch, lazy stitch, and peyote stitch (for the dog’s ear). I also layered white seed beads over the other beads to add dimension. Then, I backed it with Ultrasuede and stitched on a pin/pendant finding. It took me several hours to do all of this, but I think the results are worth the effort. How does she look? :)

akc beaded Bedlington Terrier bead embroidery artist Boston etsy pin pendant beading blog
Beaded Bedlington Terrier pin/pendant. 2″ wide x 1.75″ tall (5cm x 4.5cm) Bead embroidery on felt. Click for more pics! 

This piece is now available for sale in The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop. Please click the pic to view more photos! What kind of beaded dog should I make next? :)

7 responses to “>Beading a Bedlington Terrier

  1. >Oh yes, cute. If you had not mentioned it was a dog, I would say it is cute lamb. :)

  2. >Hi!I really enjoyed your blog post-& I love your bedlington terrier!! I have a bedlington & they're WONDERFUL dogs!! I write about him all the time in my blog. They're rare, so I'm always excited to see or read something about them. Thanks for sharing your post!

  3. >He is amazing! You are so talented!

  4. >I had no idea what went into beading, that it was so intense. Thank you for the tutorial. Love your pieces, and appreciate them so much more now.

  5. >Thanks everyone! RabbitWhiskers, I am happy you like my beaded Bedlington! :) And, CustomDesigns4U, the beading I do is very intense & time consuming! Truly a labour of love. :)

  6. >most as handsome as boris!

  7. >What a cute dog! Thank you for sharing the in progress on him. I just love your beaded little animal pin/pendants.

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