>Beaded Boris the Cat


beaded orange and white tabby cat boris morris etsy bead embroidery pin pendant 15/o seed beads
Beaded Boris the Tabby Cat. 2.25 ” x 1″ (5.5cm x 3cm).
Bead embroidery on felt. Click for more pics!

I have finally finished my beaded creamsicle cat named Boris, and he is now available for sale at a special price on Etsy. He took a while to complete because there is quite a bit of fringe on his body & face. While I was working on him, I wondered exactly how much fringe is too much fringe. Then, I decided not to think about it anymore, and just kept beading. What do you think – is there such a thing as too much fringe, or is there never enough fringe? And, how do you think my beaded Boris looks in comparison to the real Boris?

7 responses to “>Beaded Boris the Cat

  1. >Beautiful work… I has never seen any cat like this one.. nice creation.Murano Necklace

  2. >He's lovely. My motto is you can neeevvvver have too much fringe.

  3. >Meow..meow..Boris is my best friendI love his piece of art :-)You are very creativeLove it …..((HUGS)) Kareltje =^.^=

  4. >I think it is perfect! Great work :)

  5. >yey the finished result! wow you've made him so quickly, it was nice seeing the photos before when you started making him too! very sweet!

  6. >Thanks, Jams. Glad you like him!

  7. >Ah he's an utter sweetie! Boris would be really chuffed