>Beaded Eastern Bluebird


Beaded Eastern Bluebird bead embroidery bird fine art pin pendant beadwork beading blog etsyBeaded Eastern Bluebird. Click for more pics!
Yesterday, I guess I was feeling blue, because I made this beautiful beaded Eastern Bluebird for my Etsy shop. I am trying to keep my online shop as colourful as possible, and I think this piece is a nice addition! I used mostly size 11 seed beads for this, but there are some tiny size 15′s as well. I used transparent & silver-lined blue beads for the feathers, and metallic orange Delicas for the bird’s belly. This piece really sparkles! :)Have you ever seen a bluebird? Do they visit your garden or birdfeeder? I don’t think I have ever seen a bluebird in the wild, but I would like to!**Please note: This beaded bluebird pin/ pendant has sold, but I would be happy to make you one (or any other beaded bird pendant) on custom order. Please contact me through Etsy. Thanks for your interest!

14 responses to “>Beaded Eastern Bluebird

  1. >It is beautiful. This weekend I watched a pair of bluebirds from my deck. They were hanging out in the yard with a bunch of gold finches. A wonderful rainbow of birds.

  2. >Amazing work…and such beautiful colours..

  3. >that’s an incredible beaded bird!

  4. >A beautiful piece LB!

  5. >Never heard about this bird but your beaded version is again adorable. When will you make a beaded guinea pig? I think, that would also be a great addition to your shop. :D

  6. >Thanks everyone! I am really proud of how this one turned out! :D

  7. >Your bluebird pin is beautiful! I’ve never seen the western bluebird in our yard, but they are south of here about thirty minutes away. They like open fields and grass land. They are so pretty though! We have different blue jays and they are a brilliant blue color.

  8. Love love love it!!! Wish you had more! Also a necklace would be pretty. The Eastern Bluebird is my favorite bird! We’re lucky enough to get them to breed every year, several times!! 😃

  9. Beautiful! I had the pleasure of watching and photographing a family of Bluebirds a few years ago. I built colorful bird houses to decorate my fence posts. They moved in!! It was a joy to watch. Your beadwork reminds me of them. Thanks.

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