>Bead-Embroidered Indian Peacock


Beaded Exotic Indian Peacock bird bead embroidery wearable fine art jewelry brooch pin
Beaded Peafowl fine art pin. 3.5″ tall x 2″ wide (9 cm x 5cm).
Available for sale at
The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop
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Last night, I finished beading my little peacock brooch, and it is now listed in my Etsy shop! This beaded bird has two layers of beadwork. I used mostly size 15 & size 13 Charlottes. The tail feathers are beaded fringe that actually move when you touch them! It is not easy doing this kind of layered fringe with such tiny seed beads, but the results are worth the effort. I have a feeling this accessory will attract attention whenever it is worn. How and where would you wear this piece? And what shall I bead next? :D


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  1. >my gosh this peacock is so awesome!

  2. >Well, beautiful bird, gal. If it’s OK, on my sidebar, I’ve put it there as a link to your site here.Now, as for abstract.Fact is, the very word is quite elusive. Let’s see if I can give you a clue on that….there’s a picture that Wyeth did of a girl laying on the ground on a hill in a meadow, and she’s looking up at a white house at the top of the hill. (this is all from memory, so I don’t remember the name of the picture, but, I can look it up if you’re interested) the thing is, it’s all made up. There is no girl that modeled that pose for him. There is no hill, and there is no house.He made it all up. Hmmmm.Then there’s Marcel DuChamp, who did a painting called nude descending the stairs. Worked his model like a slave to get what he got.If you didn’t know the name of the piece, the biggest recognizable piece is the stairs. The nude certainly wouldn’t get big hits even if you did call it a ‘nude’ because it doesn’t look so much a nude as he felt it did.But, it’s from real life. (the model complained bitterly, according to one article)…Last, but not least, Picasso. He did something weird with all his paintings. Spent his whol;e life aiming for (or so he said) to learn how to paint like a student…(or was it paint like a child?) whatever.Most of his pieces were taken from real life or from things he knew to be true and real. Yet, they sure looked ‘scrambled’ sometimes, eh?Does that give you enough clues?If not, here.What you perceive to be true is what YOU perceive to be true. Whatever yoy create, you are making something either mechanically or emotionally.If it’s mechanically conceived, it is a craft.If you have created it from your emotions or feelings of what you think it looks like?It’s abstract.In any case, it’s beautiful.

  3. >Wow LB another delightful piece

  4. >Fantastic…the peacock is beautiful! I’m sure it sparkles with the Charlotte’s…love them! And, I really like the double loops on the fringe. I think it has somebody’s name written all over it! ~wink~Congrats on being on the front page of Etsy too. I don’t think Shackle is frowning…to me English Bulldog’s mugs are shaped like that.I really like all the items in the Boutique…but especially Engine Co. 6 and Rudy’s Dream.Bead on…~Lisa ;-)

  5. >Thanks for the comments! And, Crosstitcher, I don’t know if I am an abstract person. If anything, cubist, but If I do a piece like that it will be a large painting.

  6. >It is beautiful. Way to go LB.

  7. >Fabulous, LB! I really, really like that peacock!

  8. >Really pretty….love the tail.

  9. >That is just lovely! Peacocks have always been a favorite bird of mine.Have you thought of beading an abstract design next? crossstitcher